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Time is the notion ephemeral. It is draining away, escaping without stopping. How we could keep it. Since antiquity people have learned how to calculate it, to watch it, to spend it, save it, feel its rhythm, to clothe it in the form and call this shell – timepieces.


Mankind can not live without time limits. The longer a person lives, the  quicker for him swirling arrows, or switch gears diode figures on hourly scoreboard.


The timepiece, circa XVIII century. Saint Petersburg.

Tick-tock… and seconds, minutes, hours have already become history.

Watches are ones of the mystical inventions of our civilization. We could hear not only the ticking and irrevocable passage of time, but also we are witnesses of it. And humans liked watching out for time always.

There were so  many unique, bizarre and outlandish ideas in the entire history of watchmaking.

The most genial brains thought, how they would make this irrevocable motion more graceful ,elegant and laconic, how it is could supplemented by melody, sculpture, jewelry and how to fit it into the interior, and even how to decorate architectural structures by timepieces. But the most fascinating, how to wear the time on self, on chain in a pocket or on a bracelet or later on the strap.


The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Diamond-Set Rubber Bezel.

Of course, now watches are more expensive accessories than just the utilitarian things they were 30 years ago. It is clear that the mobile phone has replaced virtually all of us. And the electronic clock displays are everywhere, even on a microwave.

But no matter how time ran, and how many more sophisticated ways have been created to count irrevocable process, timepieces don’t cease to be functional objects. And in this aspect more interesting to consider the ideas and solutions of designers who create their masterpieces for the most famous watch and jewelry houses in the world.


Chopard IMPERIALE Tourbillon.Photo from

In the early 90s of the Swiss watchmaking industry was going through serious crisis.The majority of manufactures were on the verge of despair by reason of creation of quartz. The solution of giants of industry or just emerging companies to create mechanical watches with complications, and make them luxury desirable thing, a piece of art was very brave, but as time has shown very correct. But as we know, nothing ventured, he gets nothing.

It was at this time when interest revived in complex devices of watches.  And tourbillon was on the first place.


Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette Watch Hands.


Tourbillon is a complex mechanism, the principle of which is a special device of  a node balance, allowing to neutralize the action of the Earth’s gravity and to improve the accuracy of the watches.


The combination of original design and complicated traditional mechanics made harmony in the collection of Franck Muller. It conquered the world and begun this incredible, enviable story of success!

The apotheosis of the company became the work for the model AETERNITAS MEGA GAMMA.


Aeternitas Mega is the most complicated watch in the world. It represents the top of art horology. The grand work that culminated in the creation of the most complex watches in the world, executed by watchmakers of the most complex mechanisms. Each of the 1,483 components was designed in the tradition of distinguished masters of Joux Valley. These watches convey countless emotions that makes them exceptional and unique in the eyes of lovers of beautiful mechanisms.


image of

Aeternitas Mega is unique watch with great combat, having a visible tourbillon on the dial side. This configuration leaves little room for a grand striking mechanism, which further complicates the manufacturing  of timepieces.

The model «Golden bridge» of another Swiss firm Corum  is simply breathtaking. It is a real masterpiece.

Corum Golden Bridge Black Ceramic Watch

Corum Golden Bridge Black Ceramic Watch. Photo from

About the company RJ-ROMAIN JEROME, one can only say – “you are just cool guys!”

Being born at the dawn of the third millennium, the company RJ-Romain Jerome creates watches of the new era of measuring time. The magic of the moon, the power of lava, and underwater mysteries are the driving and poetic forces behind this creative explosion.


The company creates a high-tech things, using steel or Titanic Apollo 11, mixing silver with moon dust or volcanic lava, drawing ideas that are impregnated with the spirit of romance and a sense of adventure.
The air, land and water are the elements that inspire designers of RJ.


Inspired by the Moon, the Moon Invader Chrono contains actual fragments of Apollo 11 and Moon dust.


SPACECRAFT.Titanium with black PVD-coated titanium elements. Linear retrograde jumping hour indicated by a red-lacquered cursor. Dragging minute indication by disc with a red indicator transferred on the sapphire crystal. – See more at

The unique character and essence of a Richard Mille timepiece lies not only in its high mechanical complexity, visual design and ergonomic fit, but also the handcrafted finishing and polishing by specialists who imbue each part with perfection through the application of tremendous patience, keen eyesight and deft handwork.


Richard Mille RM 027 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal see more

Based on a watchmaking tradition that goes back centuries, hand finishing makes each Richard Mille watch a unique piece with personal and individual care devoted to the slightest details. These myriad finishing operations are the very essence of a little-known art, hidden within the heart of the movement and the case of the watch, representing the excellence and quality of high-end watchmaking. One of the last models Richard Mille has appeared on the hand 9 times champion of Roland Garros in the championship this year. These watches is just sporty chic, elegant and easy movement with tourbillon. The weight of watches, including the strap is of less than 20 grams. (13 gr. without strap). The body is made from a compound of silica and carbon. This new material is used for automobile, especially the racing industry and other industrial purposes. This material also has a beautiful and unusual look. Hundreds of layers of quartz have the effect of cut of wood. The interesting color’s scheme for a such expensive thing (more than 750 000 euro).



Company CHRISTOPHE CLARET creates a truly masterpieces horology art. As the designer says about his creativity: «For years desire to create a watches from simple drawings and initial ideas to the finished product is constantly urging me to action. I get great satisfaction from the done work when I see his eyes light up fans and collectors of fine watchmaking who buy my models. »

All collections of watches are exclusively mechanical caliber. They testify to the outstanding professionalism of watchmakers who relentlessly follow the technical progress, constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible and offer imaginative ways of specifying a time.


Christophe Claret Allegro Minute Repeater Two Time Zone Watch see more



It is so difficult to cover all the variety of the finest work of all modern masterpieces of horology in this brief review, all created things by the best watchmakers, all complicated innovation and daring challenges the traditional view of a wristwatch.

This is just a small part of which the author has chosen to her taste, there for you could continue on a fascinating journey into the world of watchmaking.

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