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The brilliant epoch. Jewelry art of ...


When is there the light of hundreds of candles, diamonds flash, rubies and spinels gently flicker, sapphires and emeralds contrast with them with the cold brilliance. The precious stones, skillfully inserted into gold and silver, like the stars, sometimes the whole constellations shimmer on the surfaces of heavy silk, rich velvet and finest lace.   […]

Mihial Chemiakin. Jewellry for magic


Mikhail Shemyakin together with the jewelry company SASONKO developed decorations and miniatures (the images of the characters of the Nutcracker ballet). They carry a certain magic, same of what the artist created for the theater.     Now these jewelry can be part of the image of the wearer, bringing him/her a little magical mood […]

The fantastic way of art of XVI centu...


Nuremberg, Augsburg, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Paris, London and Barcelona were the most important centers of production and trade in jewels. Urban wizards created the true masterpieces in miniature. Many prominent artists worked on sketches of jewelry – Salviati in Italy, Durer in Germany. Even, Hans Holbein the Younger, went down in art history as the great […]

«The dazzling magnificence». The Revi...


Diamonds are flashing In the  bright light of hundreds of candles. Rubies and spinels are twinkling gently, cold brilliance of sapphires and emeralds contrast with them. Precious stones, artfully inserted into gold and silver are as the stars, sometimes as the whole constellation are shimmering on surfaces of heavy silk, velvet and fine lace. All of this is repeatedly […]

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