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The first element of an interior. The magic of fireplaces.


The prototype of the fireplace appeared in that ancient time when humankind learned to use fire, tamed him, made him their companion, and even found a place in the house. People had got not only heat and hot food, but also the dominant element of the interior. So why we love to watch on an open flame and sit near it, may be our genetic memory takes us to ancient times, and gives us a sense of protection and comfort.


Each person has own meanings for the word «fireplace». For some, it’s a luxury item of interior decoration, with marble frame and openwork iron furnace in an elite apartment, for others,  a fireplace is an oven, built of brick. Thirds need an design idea, which boldly force the fire to be decoration, put  flame  in a complex artistic compositions of glass and metal. But for all, without exception, a fireplace is an association with the comfort, good taste and attribute of respectable life.


Model Modis. The illustration from

There are many companies specializing in the manufacture of fireplaces in the world. Some business put it on stream. For example, the most famous manufacturer of marble fireplaces, a Spanish company Arriaga Stone has developed great amount base models portals. The company has its own stone-pit, which produced marble and onyx. Cutting and grinding of stone is executed by high-tech machines. The processing quality is brought to perfection. The cost price of such products is not high, which makes it attractive to many customers.


 Model Wave. The illustration from

There are many firms produce the fireplaces as the original works of art in the world , where skilled craftsmen hand-cut stone, and well-known designers create incredibly complex compositions.

Metal and glass are refractory favorite materials of Harry Boley, designer and founder of the company of the exclusive fireplaces. Playing with form, using of glass, which faces an infinitely reflected light, applying of mirrors, plated materials allow to achieve unusual effects. “We make clothing for the fire” – the motto of the company Boley. And we believe, this is «haut couture»!


The illustration from


The illustration from


 The illustration from

There are audacious ideas of breathtaking fireplaces, it has become such an exhibit numerous exhibitions and decoration of the two art museums in Bordeaux and in New York. This suspended rotating fireplace resembles a half-open shell associated with the ceiling narrow chimney. This bold design is inherent in all of the company producing of fireplaces Focus. The favorite materials of the founder of this firm, sculptor and designer Umberta Dominique (Dominique Imbert) are black metal weapon steel, glass. The most impressive finding of the master  was model of burnt and rusted metal, broken or cracked of fire’s pressure.Watching as the fire breaks through the armor steel plates is it is a fantastic spectacle.  Musing about a person has conquered the fire, made to serve it himself, is it not pleasure?!


 The illustration from


 The illustration from

The company Arkaine turns our ideas about traditional fireplace. The craftsmen create unique solutions, combining technological advances with the historical and mythological associations. The image of the mysterious Egyptian pyramids inspired designers for a new concept of a fireplace without any apparent smoke extraction. And the first thought at the sight of this miracle of technology: «How is  it so?». But in fact, there is  a chimney, but hidden cleverly.


Arkain. Model Kephren. The illustration from


Arkain. Model Eclypsya. The illustration from

The company Stovax designs its fireplaces for true connoisseurs of classic
Before us is a real English fireplace. Nothing changes for centuries, neither design, nor decorations. Compact firebox is made of cast iron with old technology, portals are produced of precious wood – cherry, cedar, mahogany. Such a fireplace could be a wonderful decoration of lounge.


Stovax. The illustration from


Stovax. The illustration from

A Fireplace is the complex work, where architecture, sculpture, engineering thought, aesthetics and philosophy merge. This is the most dominant piece of decor. The composite decision of premises develops from it. And no matter how many thousands of years passed, human does not get tired to admire on this first element of the interior. It recalls him the ancient ancestor, who made fire to serve in his home and turned   a cave into a real home.



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