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Magic month. Horoscope for December



The Fairytale month is approaching , and human hearts is filling by thrill and dreams. Everyone hopes to sum positive results for total year. December gives us the last chance to realize our plans and meet new year with pride and satisfaction from the efficiency of own action.


Now is your time, dedicate it for the business, that constantly is procrastinated and put on the second plan. Be braver and prospects will open in unexpected for you direction.






You live on a volcano of your own thoughts, striving to find harmony with yourself. Hurry up with the implementation of the deals from your agenda so as not to overwork yourself at the end of the month. Follow your life plan and the reward will not make you wait long.










So many changes are planned in your life that it is worth thinking about – this is, in fact, what you wanted from the reality. Imagine yourself in five years and answer: “Do I want this?” Just dare that your confidence knows no bounds.







It is not necessary to constantly fight,  let  to youself exhale, and look forward without worrying doubts on the way to the cherished desire. You are a support for many people, so set a decent example of a restrained and determined person.






The world is always on your side, so treat any gifts of the life with gratitude. Eliminate whining and complaints. December is the month of actions. You have to direct your energy towards the accomplishment of your plans.








You are on the verge of an important stage in your life. Do not give up! Believe in yourself with all your soul. You have long deserved the fulfillment of a cherished dream. This month will be for you the future.








Do not lose your individuality, be true to yourself. Pay attention to your talents, maybe you have long wanted to return to something, so now is the time to choose a business that will motivate you and bring some joy.









Be in an active life position, go straight to your goals. Your ideas are unique, so believe in each of them with all your heart. December will be the starting point for the accomplishment and implementation of your creative ideas.






Be honest with yourself at least once and analyze your mistakes so that growth and self-development are not only superficial. Look into your soul; there may be hidden the depth and desire for detailed study. This kind of work on yourself will lead you to stunning results.







You have found your comfort zone, but do not  stop there. Life repletes with opportunities. You are the most importantly, to enter the stream and try to bring yourself to the cause of your dreams.






Your image of the adviser is really needed now. You can help to avoid an error to yourself and your closest circle. Analyze the controversial situation and give an informed decision. December gives time to change everything by 180 degrees.





You lack the desire to change something in your life. You hang around in one place, although your potential is limitless. Listen the your inner voice and try to come to an inner balance. December will show you the direction of development of its multi-faceted personality.




Nina Wietwinska

illustrations Ekaterina Mungalova (c) aka Ekaterina Moong

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