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Photographer Atom: “Please think about happiness for you”

Fon_117_japonise_atom_enEvery true artist, creator, no matter in what area, always has an idea, and his message.  Without a concept, there is no art, without it, it is just a craft or meaningless performance.  A Japanese photographer working under the pseudonym Atom  (1980, based in Tokyo ) invites the viewer to look at our planet, at the world around us, and once again discover for themselves how beautiful and fragile the Earth is.  As far as we are ready to think about the future, not only our own.

He travels extensively around the world, published in world publications such as Washington Post(USA), My Modern Met(USA), Weather Channel(USA), 20minutos(Spain), incredibilia(Italy), 撮影日報 (Hong Kong) and others. He also won many international awards. 



For our magazine, Atom answered a few questions that we had while acquaintance with his works.

Your artistic name is Atom, is it related to the philosophy of your creativity? Or is it just an abbreviation?

Artis TOM.

You have visited 63 countries, how do you think is our world big or on the contrary, small?

A very small world if you think in terms of moving distance.
But a wide variety of cultures. It is full of unknown worlds that have never been seen or heard in the northern hemisphere, Asia, Japan alone.
The world swaying the brain, feeling the soul, and stimulating the five senses was very wide.



Do you think a person or artist, in particular, is more successful when he returns to his roots, to his culture, traditions?

See, experience and feel a lot of things.
And why was I born in Japan? Please consider why I was born in the present age.

How do you think humanity has a chance for survival, for rebirth, for the preservation of our planet or the point of no return has already been passed?

I see, you rarely take a pictures of people? At least on your site more attention to our planet as a whole. Is your focus directs at our environment?

Recently, people have not taken.
I also consider environmental issues.
I would like to take up the problems of modern society, developed countries, and Japan.
However, I would like to take photographs that give the viewer a thought-provoking mind as conceptual contemporary art rather than documentary photography.



If you’d view your work, especially the latest series dedicated Japan as a video episode, what kind of music would you put on?

Do you know?

Sea of spring.
It is called the Haru no umi in Japanese.
It is a Japanese traditional instrument.

〉Each artist carries (he wants or does mot want it) a definite message to the world. Each person reads it in his own way. If you were sure that every person on earth would hear you, what could you say in a few words?

Please think about happiness for you.
Are you living happily every day?
Thank you for you sincere answers and photos!

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