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The ode to the red color.


…..Julia produced, as a conjurer produces a rabbit from his hat, a large handkerchief of scarlet  chiffon and with this she played. She waved it, she spread it out as though to look at it, she screwed it up, she wiped her brow with it, she delicately blew her nose. The audience fascinated could not take their eyes away from the red rag.

Somerset Maugham.Theatre.

What is the meaning of red color  for you? For me it is everything, and  it would be possible to put an point in this place.

But today, I want to challenge and dedicate an ode to the bright, bold, beautiful and  noble color.

Is there another equally controversial color?


The color of heroism and infamy, divinity and diabolism, the color royal robes and revolutions. The color of cardinal insignia and an hood of an executioner. The color of aggression and mercy. The colour of permissiveness and rigor. The color of passion and vice. The color of fire, blood and flesh. The color of seduction and prohibition. The color, which charges and tires. It attracts and repels. It warns about the dangers and causes risk. It stimulates. It excites. It fascinates. He does everything, but doesn’t leave us indifferent.

All nationalities in all times have had  it as the color of celebration. It have been always presented in the folk costume. Without it, the world is not so interesting, beautiful and harmonious.


Imagine, please, a kaleidoscope without red glass pieces and immediately got bored to twist this child’s toy.

Imagine, the sunset  got started without any shades of the evening sun.

Imagine, strawberries and tomatoes are green and blue fire in the fireplace.

Glamour has lost its red carpet, ruby color of wine has got  just pale water.

Imagine, that there are no more red and its tints, and will become cold and nasty.


I have my relationship with red color and it has its own history. Once, as a teenager, I painted all the cabinets in the room with red dye. In his student years I had the “red period” of my life. I had all the shades of color in her wardrobe, including the lining. Now I’m not so a maximalist, but the doors of my wardrobe glossy and dark red. My favorite stone – red coral. For a long time I dreamed to have a red kitchen. There was  time one picture depicting a red crocodile hung over my desk.


This color gives chic to any texture  whether red leather or velvet, satin, silk or lace. Red lipstick is a symbol of sensuality and a  red manicure has become a classic.


Although it is beautiful and bright, red is insidious. There is only the thinnest line between taste and platitude. The relations with the red are complicated. It is so important to be its master, and don’t give it to dominate over us and to slide us into vulgarity.

Red, you’re beautiful!




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