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Five design things of this week #19


The last month of the autumn… I won’t write of some splin, nostalgia , of politics or virus, “that haunting the planet” and etc. let’s think positively. Let’s disperse the frown around with bright spots or graphic contrasting ones or all together and mix futuristic forms with classicism, conceptual objects with neo-Gothic. And the background for this will be an illustration for the work of russian poet Igor Severyanin.

“Flash, thoughts, laugh, dreams!
Let go, Muse, into an ecstatic dance!
And what a ghost to us! and what – threats!
In Art we are – and there  is God for us! .. ”



1. PSYCHOSE CONSOLE by Hervé Van der Straeten

edition of 40
Red lacquered composite materials.

Herve van der Straten is a French furniture and jewelry designer. The best decorators love to fit his works into the interior, namely works, because this harmonious unity of pure form, functionality and an emotional message to the viewer are components of the design aesthetics.


2. Pair of midcentury Roman inspired Savonarola chair in iron with brass finials and ornamentation. Newly re-upholstered in a black and white stripe.

Chairs of this type were used in the Middle Ages and during the Italian Renaissance in private houses, in monastery scriptoria – hence the association with the name of Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498), a monk of the Dominican order, abbot of the Monastery of San Marco in Florence, who was distinguished by asceticism, criticized the luxurious life of the elite the church and the secular elite. He passionately preached moral ideals to his contemporaries.

Initially, the chair was made of wood, folding. The design principle became very popular and has been used and applied with success for centuries.


3. A lamp that combines the aesthetics of high-tech and neo-classicism. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about this sconce. If someone has more accurate information about this thing or has rights to this photo, please let us know.


4. Аbstraction  “When the night is so calm” Illustration for the poem by Igor Severyanin.

#artworks by Ekaterina Mungalova © aka Ekaterina Moong


5. Ceramical art object. Steen Ipsen

as he writes about his works:

“I work in a decorative ceramic expression involving both form and decoration. Decoration is integrated into the form and the form itself is spatially decorative. My sculptures could also be supplied with other materials as PVC, Leather or hand decorated pattern. But ceramics is central in my works.”



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