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Five design things of this week #17



February. The time when the winter will play for a long time with us in “to leave or to stay” and the thaws will be replaced by gusts of winds, but thoughts run inexorably in the direction of spring. Plans, hopes, travels, meetings, impressions. It’s ahead, but now you can just dream about flights, Italian design and oriental luxury.



1. Nordic Cone Pendant Light

The pending lightings are simple and unique at the same time as any good and classy design, they are unique by that they fit into any composition, due to its color and stylistic neutrality, while they can not be called faceless.


2. Elegant Daybed in Leather by Kenneth Bergenblad for DUX 1982

Elegant vintage couch, created by Swedish designer Kenneth Bergenblad for DUX, the American company specializing in creating high-quality beds. The thing was produced in 1982, but as a work of art, it is beyond time and changeable fashion. She does not “shout”, but calmly declares – “I am a stylish thing, and you, as my host, have taste.”



3. Passage Console’, 2012. Photography: Cécil Mathieu. Courtesy of Galerie Van der Straeten

Console, side table to the wall table by a French designer. Herve van der Straeten is truly independent, and his work combines radical freedom of expression and careful execution. Hybridization, elegance and refinement are his slogans. Since 1999, his own gallery has been opened in Paris in the Marais district, where you can find unique ones by this author.





4. Abstraction 52. Memories of one landing at the sea port #whendesignerinspires #artworks by Ekaterina Mungalova © aka Ekaterina Moong



5. Rare antique solid fine silver islamic hookah

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